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From an early age Mindi was always making something! Back as a young girl and through her per-teenager years she was into art and loved nothing more than creating! Her entrepreneurial spirit meant sewing, painting, drawing, and selling her creations at the local markets and to family and friends.

Growing up surrounded by her father’s Advertising Agency it was a natural step to start her career as a graphic designer, working her way from the creative department to account management until finally leaving the family ad business and starting out on her own in fashion accessories.

Juggling being a mother to 3 young children and starting the brand, Zafino was founded in 2010. Sitting up late at night tapping out emails to makers and perfecting her creations, those initial years would allow her to learn her new craft and from those humble beginnings has created one of Australia’s favourite accessory brands.

11 years on and Mindi’s 2 daughters are now integral parts of the business. With Zara heading up brand & marketing and Paris in digital content & customer support, Mindi and her girls continue to grow and develop into new markets.

Working closely with her makers across the globe she has a commitment to work with crafts people that honour her own ethics.

In Jaipur, India Zafino has partnered with a factory that has 70% of its staff as women, empowering women at every stage of the process. Her team runs a sustainable and ethical business with a commitment to it’s fair-trade policy.

Nurturing her team in Jaipur, Mindi can make a difference to the lives of families in providing ongoing manufacturing.

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